Wireless Mobile Train Weighing – MTW

Published 3 October '17

Exciting wireless weighing times ahead for the Rail Industry with the much awaited release of our Wireless MTW™- Mobile Train Weigher.

It has been 2 years of research, design and manufacturing with countless hours testing, before commissioning and finally releasing our robust Wireless MTW™.

“Obviously the Wireless MTW™ is without doubt the future for rail workshops and field weighing. With less cabling and reduced setup time, the Wireless MTW™ is a convenient and even more efficient way of weighing rail vehicles,” says General Manager Mr Robert Gysberts.

The Wireless MTW™ was born from our globally popular MTW™ and therefore manufactured under strict conditions to ensure the highest quality engineering standards are met, along with all the specifications and toughness you expect from our MTW™ product range.

Bombardier recently acquired a Wireless MTW™-S8 system for their rail workshop, to enable employees the flexibility to conduct wireless weighing tests within or outside the confines of the workshop pit without the restrictions of cables.

In keeping with the MTW™ quality, the wireless weighing system comprises of two 15t per wheel or 30t per axle chassis bodies – which are now fitted with a wireless transmitter and relayed back to a computer laptop via wireless receiver connected to a USB port. The quality and strength of the wireless communications enables the capability of transmitting up to 16 wireless modules!

The Trakblaze Wireless MTW™ is without doubt the future for all rail workshops, field and off site weighing of wagons, rail vehicles and locomotives.

Should you require any further information of the Wireless MTW™ system, please contact Trakblaze Pty Ltd.