Volume scanners

Volumetric Scanning is becoming more frequent in both Mining and Rail sectors for a variety of good reasons; in understanding the volume of material from the ground, irrespective of its weight; or to ensure loads are evenly distributed, reducing maintenance costs and reducing the risks associated with overloading and; monitoring carry back, to improve efficiencies…to name a few.

All good volumetric scanning systems are similar in function, in that they all create 3D models of empty trays, acquire distance measurement sensor scanner/s and have customised software that link all the peripherals together to determine the location and orientation of a scanned tray to represent another 3D model of a full tray, whilst interpreting the differences between the known empty and now known full tray.

And, although the scanning of a mining truck or rail car/wagon body may sound a simple practice, it is computationally complex.  There are several design elements, scanning specifications and software functionality in order to have a great high-end reliable and accurate volumetric scanning system; such as the Truck Volumetric Scanner (TVS) or Rail Volumetric Scanner (RVS) that Trakblaze has designed and manufactured in association with a team of software scanning technicians.

Both these proven volumetric load scanner systems can also integrate with Trakblaze weigh in motion scales, forging the ultimate data collection system where volumetric and weigh in motion systems work collaboratively. Trakblaze can do this for the mining industry utilising the FORCE 2&4 mining haul truck scale in connection with the TVS system and for the rail industry, using the INFINITY low-speed rail scale with the RVS system.

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