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The global transport industry and governing departments are now investing a conservative effort in reducing transport-related accidents associated with mass management and overloading. These transport industries include the likes of buses, trucks and commercial vehicles, including vehicle body manufactures. Safety is now paramount for transport companies and even more so their drivers; with internal corrective measures being implemented to ensure commercial vehicles and trucks are being loaded within axle and gross vehicle tolerances. In addition, enforcement agencies are now routinely stopping and checking more transport vehicles than they have ever done so before to ensure that transport vehicles are complying.

Weighing the axles of your buses, trucks and commercial vehicles before they leave your site ensures your business stays within the law while also maximising fleet and driver safety. Our TRUCKMATE (portable truck scales) and Force1 (truck axle scales) are sold worldwide and renowned for their high industry accuracies, reliability and ability to weigh your fleet or transport vehicle on the go; saving you time and money whilst ensuring that your bus, truck or commercial vehicle complies within its axle weights and measures. Used by law enforcement, government departments, haulage companies to vehicle body manufactures alike, our scales are specifically designed to meet industry expectations. And, with over 90 years’ experience in weighing, we design and build only quality products to meet the specific needs of the transport industry whilst ensuring that functionality of our robust truck scales are also user-friendly.

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PORTABLE TRUCK SCALES TRUCKMATE portable truck scales are tomorrow’s truck....
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TRUCK AXLE SCALE The demand for accurate truck axle scales....