train axle weight - MTW - MS by Trakblaze

Mobile Train Weigher & Balancing System

The Ultimate Mobile Train Weighing and Balancing System that allows you to ‘TAKE THE SCALE TO THE TRAIN. The Trakblaze MTW™-MS offers a safe and accurate static train weighing and balancing solution. It is easily transported making it a convenient weighing system that is both safe and accurate to use, enabling the weighing and checking of trains and rail vehicles anytime, anywhere.

The MTW™-MS is a load cell based static rail weighing system which fits the inner sides of most conventional rail. When the wheel flange rolls up the ramp, the wheel’s tyre is raised just clear of the rail head and weighed; displaying wheel, axle, bogie and total train weight.
Weighing axle by axle means there is no restriction in relation to bogie, wagon, train or locomotive type, therefore ideal for any rail workshop and transportable to use in the field, if required.
The MTW™-MS arrives factory pre-calibration, there is no need for tests weighs or calibrated wagons and the weighing and balancing system is designed to connect up to 6 x MTW™ bases.

  • Wired or Wireless System
  • Easy installation and minimal track downtime
  • Static weighing load cell based system
  • Measures wheel, axle and total train weight
  • Connectivity up to 6 x MTW™ bases.
  • Fits all recognised rail gauges and fits most rail sizes


MTW equipment


MTW measuring height

Measuring the height

MTW attaching compressor

MTW attaching the shoes

Inserting MTW

Inserting MTW into the track