TRAKMATE at Kangy Angy – When Accuracy Matters!

Published 6 May '20

Another TRAKMATE weighing system has recently been installed, this time in Australia at the new Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility, located at Kangy Angy, NSW, on the North Coast line.

This facility will service and maintain a new fleet of 55 Intercity trains being supplied by South Korean company Hyundai Rotem to Transport of New South Wales (TfNSW), for customers travelling from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and South Coast.

John Holland is delivering this facility and engaged Trakblaze to provide a proven accurate weighing and balancing solution to measure the distribution of a whole car after maintenance to ensure the integrity of TfNSW assets / infrastructure and foremost, passenger safety.

Trakblaze were selected due to their unique ability to design a weighing that would be easy to install and enlist all RailConnect’s requirements RailConnect being the Train maintenance company who will take over this site.

The TRAKMATE system was subsequently chosen owing to its adaptive ability to integrate seamlessly to environmental site conditions, whilst providing an accurate weighing solution that would procure all rail service and maintenance requirements.

The TRAKMATE weighing system is a load cell based system, which provides weighing data and limit alarms for wheel, axle, bogie and rail car. This data is presented and stored in our TRAKMATE weighing system software solution, which has been modified to suit the client’s specific requirements for reporting.

The system also integrates an RFID system for vehicle identification and a incorporates a thermal printer for operator reports. All data is recorded and can be easily extracted via either USB or Ethernet.

Installation of the system took 5 days from the date of arrival on site, until completing calibration and commissioning.

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