Mobile Train Weighers

Mobile train weigher is commonly described as a load-cell based rail weighing system which fits into the inner sides of most conventional rails. When the flange rolls up the ramp, the wheel’s tyre is raised just clear of the rail head and weighed.

The added benefit to mobile train weighing is there are no alterations to the track and the weighing system can be transportable and used at any site or remote location to weigh any rail vehicle or train anywhere at any time.

As simple as it might sound, the actual manufacturing of a mobile train weigher or MTW™ (as manufactured and distributed globally by Trakblaze) – is far from simple and requires precision engineering, quality loadcells and finely tuned linear calibration, not excluding a software package that delivers accurate onscreen weighing results and that is user friendly.

A hallmark for rail industries globally, our portable train weighbridges, MTW™ is used daily by multi-national rail companies, governing rail bodies, rail workshops and peak industry engineers for weighing, balancing and even chassis twist certifications.

Why is our MTW™ so widely used and recommended across many continents, the answer is Trust.

Trust in you will receive an industry proven, precision mobile train weighing instrument. And, trust that will be highly accurate, reliable, finely calibrated and user-friendly, with the known expedient back up service of technicians and parts.

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