Cyclist Detection System & Pedesterian Detection System | Trakblaze

Cycle and Pedestrian Detection System

With a cycling revolution growing and strengthening across Australia, it is clear a smarter infrastructure is required that can accommodate different modes of transport.  Trakblaze’s range of intelligent solutions supports this movement by making travelling in mixed traffic safer.

The HI-TRAC® CMU is a small, low-power, low-cost electronic system capable of monitoring up to 4 cycle lanes and 4 pedestrian lanes.
The CMU uses established piezoelectric sensor technology to detect bicycles in either dedicated cycle ways or mixed traffic lanes as well as pyroelectric infra red sensors to detect pedestrians. Unique algorithms developed by Q-Free measure the axle count, speed and wheelbase to distinguishing true bicycles from other traffic including child scooters, prams, trolleys motorbikes and mopeds.
The CMU can be powered by a small 3W solar panel mounted on top of a small pillar and supported by two rechargeable 6V 8Ah batteries to form a fully standalone permanent solution. The CMU unit is sealed to IP68 and can be installed into a small pillar or post. The CMU can be configured to automatically transmit traffic data to a web server for secure data storage or to a database.

  • Simultaneously monitors cyclists and pedestrians
  • Transmits data via GPRS/2G/3G/4G
  • Integrates with cycle active information display
  • Triggers for Cycle Signal Priority
  • Pedestrian detection using pyroelectric infra-red sensors
  • Loop detection