Road Weighbridges

With the awareness of mass management and overloading, the weighing of commercial vehicles and transport trucks should now be at the forefront of businesses globally. As recently as 1 October, 2018 Australian transport laws were changed, and businesses are now required to comply with CoR Mass Management. They must have an integrated vehicle weighing solution into their safety management system.

In retrospect, knowing your truck’s axle weights, groupings and total weight will inherently not only improve the safety of your drivers and overall operations but will also assist in reducing maintenance issues associated with overloading.

There are many options available, such as commercial weighbridges (although these do require a lot of real  estate to operate), slimline axle weighers (caution – as many imported variants are not calibrated), commercial truck weight scale and portable truck scales.

Whatever your choice of transport scale, ensure you are purchasing the right weighbridge or truck scale and do not be confused between ‘certified and not certified for trade use’. The easiest way to remember the difference is:

If the weight of the product will determine a charge, then the scale must be ‘certified for trade use’; however, this only applies to a small sector of businesses: such as metal recyclers etc.

However, for the purpose of CoR Mass Management and good practices, most businesses will only require a system that will be used as a control point to measure axle weights and or axle groupings for compliance purposes, whereby ‘not certified for trade use’ is accepted.

With over 90 years of weighing industry experience, Trakblaze  has the knowledge and  industry-proven products, including one of the smallest axle weighers ( Force1 ), which is highly accurate and even capable of weighing a truck & trailer in under 12 seconds.

Trakblaze has one of the most accurate slimline portable truck scales on the market,  designed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and is today used globally by sub-contractors, major transport companies, concrete companies etc. The Truckmate portable truck scale starts at approximately 18mm high and contains 20 independent high accuracy load cells in each pad and is available in both wired and wireless connectivity.

Available Road Weighbridges Scales Here

Trakblaze is well-known for its upkeep of varieties of road weighbridges systems such as truck weight scales, weighbridges, and load cells. Our extensive service packages, as weighbridge manufacturers, enable us to keep critical equipment and operate when it counts the most.

Truck weighbridge calibration ensures that your equipment is accurate and compliant with legal-for-trade regulations that apply to truck weighbridge alternatives. Our daily truck weighbridge services include scale health checks, cleaning, re-painting, and upgrades, all of which are conducted by the best-trained service experts in the industry. Varieties of road weighbridges scales that are available here at Trakblaze are:

  • MVS
  • CMU
  • TMU4
  • FORCE 1

Read about the aforementioned products below to come across appropriate information before their purchase.

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Importance Of Road Weighbridge

  • It helps in saving time by helping the vehicle drivers to complete the operation or loading process faster.
  • It saves cost as the space in the vehicle will be utilised at an optimum level when using a weighbridge
  • The vehicle is provided with a ‘driver operator terminal’ wherein the terminals supply unlimited information storage regarding the supplier, the product, the driver and the weight. You will also have the means to all the data required for your operation.
  • A weighbridge will help enhance productivity as there will be an optimal loading of the vehicle; thereby guaranteeing profits in your business.