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Safety First – The RunweightTM  Dynamic Aircraft Weighbridge and Balancing System for safety.

The RunweightTM Dynamic Aircraft Weighbridge and Balancing System is a world-first safety solution representing the pinnacle of Australian and German technology. Combining state of the art electronics and engineering, the RunweightTM system has been developed from over 85 years of industry experience together with the Aviation industry.

RunweightTM can be integrated into any runway, taxiway or apron infrastructure or maintenance area to provide real time fast on the spot accurate weight and balance measurements (ie. nose, left & right wheel groups) for aircraft up to and including the Airbus A380. The system utilises heavy-duty, OIML trade-approved loadcells and electronics to provide a level of accuracy to within 1% of actual weight or better – all while the aircraft is in motion. Efficient installation time minimises downtime with minimal after sales service required.

In the safety-critical world of aviation, accurately determining weight and balance measurements (COG Center of gravity & TOW Take off weight) is essential to ensuring the safety of any given aircraft and its passenger’s. As a one-of-a-kind solution, the RunweightTM system is the final cross check allowing airport and airline operators to enhance their aviation safety and to realise substantial pavement maintenance, fuel & carbon emission savings & prevent potential aircraft damage.

RunweightTM – for a safer take-off and landing – Every time.


  • Safety net to cross-check prior to take off
  • Identifies Nose Gear, Aft Gear, LHS & RHS wheel weights
  • Indicates centre of gravity
  • High precision, within 1% of aircraft weight
  • Tolling for Aircraft on arrival