Monitoring systems

Billy Joel wrote a song, “The times they are a changing”, many years ago and this is so prevalent today managing the excessive vehicles, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic within our now congested cities and regional towns. Traffic management system and the collective and analysis of traffic data is critical to not only keep our roads flowing with ease but also understand the impact that the vehicle traffic is causing to our roads, highways, and likes of bridges and other infrastructure.

This flows similarly to pedestrian and bicycle movements, as people are altering their choice of travel. Whether this is fitness based or conscious environmental decision, the fact of collecting and understanding both pedestrian and bicycle traffic data is significantly important for councils and decision makers to adjust and strategically plan ahead.

Having over a decade of monitoring one of the busiest road bridges in Australia and other major arterials, Trakblaze has the experience in delivering accurate and reliable traffic data. This is achieved by using only high-end traffic management system components, back by trained technicians and software developers.

It is also why the traffic data systems on offer by Trakblaze are only high-end industry proven traffic systems, for instance; #OPTIWIM – the world’s first free-flow dynamic weigh in motion system, weighing vehicles full width, independently of wheel position, using fibre-optic technology and is the first system in the world to achieve A3 precision!  Or, HI-TRAC CMU & TMU4 which has a range of intelligent solutions and sensors to detect only vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, distinguishing between child scooters, prams, trolleys. motorbikes and the likes for optimum traffic data collection.

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