About Trakblaze

Trakblaze weighing system

Trakblaze Pty Ltd is a weighing systems company, specialising in products specifically designed for the rail, road, mining and aviation industries.
With 90 years experience in the many facets of weighing systems technology, we are a recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of technologically advanced scales.
By investing our time and money into research, development, design and manufacturing, we are able to supply, install and service a comprehensive range of first class weighing equipment.

“In 2001, Trakblaze Pty Ltd was the first company globally to achieve high speed train weighing, up to 85kmh – Government trade approved.”

The main focus of our unique product offering is on both static and high speed in-motion weighing systems for trains, trucks, mining and aircraft. This includes portable train scales for all passenger and freight trains and rail workshops, portable mining truck scales, wireless truck scales and weighbridges.

With a combined total of over 350 mining, road and rail scales, Trakblaze Pty Ltd now has the most comprehensive range of weighing equipment and systems installed worldwide. Our product range includes:
· Truck Scales
· Weighbridges
· Mobile Train Weighers
· Balancing Systems
· Monitoring Systems
· Volume Scanners

Boasting the latest load cell technology, all of our train scales, weighbridges and portable mining truck scales are recognised as using a genuine method for creating long term, accurate and reliable weighing systems.
Our specialised product offering is made possible by our team of IT, mechanical and electronic weighing engineers, all working together to make Trakblaze Pty Ltd the experts of our industry.


To undertake continuous research and development to supply advanced accurate Mining, Rail, Road and Aviation weighing and monitoring systems worldwide.


To always be regarded as the most technologically advanced weighing experts throughout the world.

Trakblaze is the first company in the world to accurately
achieve high speed in-motion train weighing to 85 km/h