Mining Truck Volumetric scanning

Mining Truck Volumetric Scanner

The Trakblaze TVS (Mining Truck Volume Scanner) is a non-contact mining dump truck volumetric scanning system to measure loads of bulk loose solids. The TVS system scans volumetric loads of mining dump trucks that drive slowly below an elevated scan head. When a dump truck crosses the scanned area below the scan head, it falls within the field of view of the laser scanners which perform thousands of distance measurements per second.

The speed of the TVS software platform enables for fast calculation and transportation of real time feedback and key metrics, to optimise loading of each and every mining dump truck.
In turn, this assists operators in the fine tuning of loading operations and it provides near real time output.
A mining truck is initially scanned empty and recorded into the system database as an empty vehicle profile (zero reference).
Load volume is computed on subsequent scans by comparing each new loaded mining truck vehicle profile against the recorded empty profile. This involves aligning the empty and loaded vehicle profiles spatially in software and computing a load profile from the difference between them.
The TVS software then constructs and displays a composite 3D model or ‘surface profile’.

  • Non contact volumetric measurement
  • Measures at speeds of up to 10kph
  • Allows real time monitoring of payloads
  • Laser contamination is monitored via the touch screen interface
  • Calculation of production critical parameters given in less than 10 seconds