Portable Truck Scales - Truckmate


TRUCKMATE portable truck scales are tomorrow’s truck weighing technology here today! They are government proven to be accurate, reliable and user-friendly. TRUCKMATE’s portability, high accuracy and instant onsite print-outs will assist in reducing your risks of overloading, ensuring your company is addressing Mass Management and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements within the transport supply chain.

The TRUCKMATE portable truck scales are tested and developed in conjunction with VicRoads Transport Safety Services and other government and private companies both locally and internationally.
If it’s an accurate, portable and low-profile weigh pad you are seeking, then look no further.
TRUCKMATE is the lowest profile portable truck scales that we have ever offered. It boasts a large weighing surface and extremely low profile (from only 18mm high) with excellent accuracy due to the 20 independent load cells under the top plate.
This Trakblaze portable weight scales for trucks is available in both wired and wireless configurations to suit your individual applications.

  • Slimline and highly accurate weighing pads
  • Portable, robust and reliable
  • Fast installation – approximately 10 minutes
  • Built in battery with external charger
  • Install either wired or wireless
  • PC compatible/memory download