Static Rail Weighbridge & Balance System


TRAKMATE™ is a new rail weighbridge with a unique concept design for the static weighing and balancing of any type of rail vehicle, car, wagon, train or locomotive. Designed to take the hard work out of building an accurate, cost-effective wheel/axle weigh stations, it creates a real weighing and balancing solution for all rail manufacturing and maintenance workshops.

Installing a Trakblaze TRAKMATE™ weighing and balancing system can assist in the prevention of brake lockups and wheel flat spots, amongst other rail maintenance issues.
This rail weighbridge improves overall safety and reduces the possibility of derailments as well as rail vehicle and rail track infrastructure damage.
This system ensures evenly balanced rail vehicles, which then provides smoother mobility and in turn provides better fuel economy.
As an optional extra, the TRAKMATE™ system can also be modified to weigh rail vehicles In-Motion.

  • User-friendly & cost effective
  • Suits all rail types
  • Heavy duty with built-in overload protection
  • Any wheel/weight combination can be calculated
  • Temperature compensated