Portable Weighbridges for Train - MTW™ by Trakblaze

Mobile Train Weigher

‘TAKE THE SCALE TO THE TRAIN’ – The MTW™ (Mobile Train Weigher) offers one of the world’s most convenient, safe and accurate train weighing and balancing solutions. It is also factory pre-calibrated, which means no test weighing is required. It is adaptable to any track, any location, worldwide and only takes around 15 minutes to install.

This Trakblaze portable train weighbridge system is available in both wired or wireless versions and can be transported in a train cabin, utility or car boot, and set up anywhere to weigh and spot check a train or rail vehicle, either static or in motion.
The MTW™ design incorporates a chassis arrangement with an integrated load cell which enables the weight to be applied directly to the load cell and not through the rail.
Weighing axle by axle means there is no restriction in relation to wagon type, and individual wheel weights can also be obtained.

  • Wired or Wireless System
  • Four easy steps for installation and minimal track downtime
  • Load cell based system weighing static or in motion
  • Measures wheel, axle, bogie and vehicle weight
  • Fits all recognised rail gauges and fits most rail sizes
  • Instant printout or download to PC


MTW equipment


MTW measuring height

Measuring the height

MTW attaching compressor

Attaching the shoes

Inserting MTW

Inserting MTW into the track