Weigh in Motion Scale for Vehicles - OptiWIM® by Trakblaze

Optic Fibre Traffic Monitoring System

World’s first free-flow dynamic scale for weigh-in-motion OptiWIM® can measure the weight of passing vehicles with high accuracy regardless the wheel position and direction. This unique ability eliminates possible violation and irregularities and makes the device the first one of its kind as the inability of measurement in the whole width of the road is the most crucial weakness of current technologies.

OptiWIM® is a completely new sensor that utilises measurement process based on changes of a tightened optical fibre and is also the world first weigh-in-free-flow system allowing accurate weight measurement of vehicles in full road width independently of the instantaneous wheel position during crossing. It provides weight assessment in the whole length of the sensor which means that the recorded value is the same in any part of the road no matter where exactly the vehicle passes.
Due to the fact that the OptiWIM® sensor not only weighs vehicles but also measures their width, it is also able to determine with high accuracy whether the vehicles use the weight distribution correctly on individual axles. The system is capable of detecting such overloads as well as underinflated tyres.
With the precise weight assessment regardless the point in which the vehicle passes OptiWIM® can be considered an optimal solution for the system of toll fees calculation per the exact weight of each vehicle and its load. Since the device is the only one able to capture the weight in any part of the road, it is the world’s first sensor enabling the free-flow-toll-per-tonne solution that would create automatic toll system based on fair conditions with low chances of violations.
Importantly, the sensor is also unique with a distortion-free temperature changes compensation which allows accurate weight assessment regardless current weather conditions.

  • World first free-flow dynamic weights system
  • Fiber-optic technology
  • Highest possible accuracy
  • Direct vehicle width measurement
  • Double-tyre detection
  • Direct detection of underinflated tyres
  • Easy installation and maintenance via U-Bed
  • 10 year lifespan
  • Toll-per-Tonne ready