Mobile Volumetric Scanner – A Easily Transportable And More Accurate Way To Get Your Load Volume

Published 12 November '21

Mobile Volumetric Scanners have come into the industry and begun to change the game. They offer an innovative, time and money-saving opportunity for mining sites and transportation. Volumetric scanners give us the ability to measure bulk materials loaded into trains or any other vehicle using imaging software, and it offers an automatic calculation without a hassle.

There is no doubt that traditional weighbridges do their job very well, but now volumetric scanners are gaining popularity and becoming more valued for a huge range of industries worldwide.

The amazing technology behind how volumetric scanners work is fascinating and efficient. When the vehicle passes the scan head, the volumetric scanner automatically identifies the type of the vehicle and records all the required measurements. The software collates all the data from the load and can also provide you with a 3D image within the report. During this process, manual labour is not required which is just another reason that mobile volumetric scanners are rising in popularity.

Here are some of the benefits of using Mobile Volumetric Scanners:

Zero Interference

Volumetric scanners offer an accurate and reliable performance regardless of weather conditions as the operation is carried out virtually. The function is also not affected by variables like debris, moisture content, and uneven loads. They run smoothly without the interference of any external factors.

Accuracy & Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of mobile volumetric scanners is that they quickly record accurate data while the vehicle is moving; hence, it is accurate and efficient.


The development of volumetric scanning technology has changed the mining industry for the better.



Volumetric scanners are equipped with features like data storage, touchscreen operation, and connectivity with the outside world via the internet, making these scanners easy to use. The operation of the scanner does not require expertise; even a little training will get the job done.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Mobile volumetric scanners do not require hard work to install, and they can be fitted effortlessly and can be relocated to any needed location. Also, they require low to zero maintenance, which saves time and, of course, money.

Apart from all of the advantages mentioned above, a mobile volumetric scanner has to offer several other benefits, including a 3D imaging system that allows the operator to monitor the load distribution, optimise it, and avoid damage to the goods. It also reduces the wastage of goods by an accurate recording of every vehicle.

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