MVS – Mobile Volumetric Scanner

The Trakblaze MVS (Mobile Volumetric Scanner) combines the volumetric scanning technology of both the RVS and TVS, but combines this with the versatility of being mobile and therefore easily relocatable to any required location.

The trailer is designed with a 2 stage lifting boom to ensure that the optimal height is reached for the specific vehicle being measured. It comes complete with outrigger legs, stability guy ropes and lock out positions to ensure that the scan head is completely stable when the scanner is fully erected.

The operations console is two-part; one side controls the easy to operate electrical controls for the heavy duty electrical screw actuators, thus enabling safe and methodical assembly. The other side provides the data collection point on the intuitive touchscreen PC, using the Trakblaze volumetric scanning software.

After slowly passing beneath the scan head, all the information derived from the recent scan can be viewed immediately and is recorded with the memory of the controller.

The Trakblaze MVS is our most versatile solution when portability is required to measure the volume of your trucks (up to 150t) or Trains (open wagons). Note: Our permanent systems can scan trucks of unlimited weight.

  • Easily transportable
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Non contact volumetric measurement
  • Measures at speeds of up to 10kph
  • Intuitive operation
  • User-friendly
  • Power = 240VAC/10A
  • 3 hours built-in battery backup for remote power