Slow Speed Weigh in Motion Train Scale


Trakblaze manufactures a distinct range of infinity series scales suitable for manufacturing and transport businesses all over the world. The infinity series scale is effective in motion weighing scales that provide a cost-friendly rail weighing solution. Equipped with leading edge technology, these in-motion rail weighing scales provide favourable outcomes compared to the traditional in-motion train weighbridge.

The Trakblaze INFINITY LS weighbridge system is an accurate slow speed weighing system perfect for mine load-outs, industrial, agricultural and concrete plants, power stations, and steel mills, just to name a few. It provides the operator with bogie and wagon weight data in real-time. This slow speed weighing scale works superbly for vehicles in motion at speeds up to 15kph.

The INFINITY LS is a unique mining weighbridge, enabling the loading operator to regulate the filling so that wagons do not become overloaded.

It consists of two electronic weigh sleepers and four dummy sleepers that are braced together to form one solid structure to eliminate the impact of weight transition and increase weighing accuracy and scale reliability.

The INFINITY LS is unlike any other system in the world as the INFINITY LS train scale can be implemented on both straight and curved tracks.

This weighbridge includes accessories, a control cabinet and PC train weighing software with weighing results accessible at any location, via the internet.

  • The Infinity series scale provides slow-speed weighing up to 15kph
  • Reliable load cell-based system
  • These scales can be installed in a curved track
  • No rail cutting, welding or grinding required
  • Approximately 30 minutes to change parts
  • Temperature compensated


LS Rail weighbridge installation

Integrated Tagging

LS Infinity system preparation

Preparation for infinity system

LS Infinity system installation

Infinity system being installed

LS Tempering the track

Tempering the track after installation

LS Train weighbridge

Installation complete