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There are TWO important factors when considering weighing….

  • Weighing At Speed Increases PRODUCTION.

  • Weighing Accuracy & Reliability Increases PROFIT.

Imagine what it would be like to increase your Production efficiency……whilst maintaining accuracy?

What would you do with the flow from greater Profits?

So ask yourself……are you sick and tired of investing in inaccurate or unreliable industry scales that are costing you daily in production losses?

Or, are you fed up of the so-called ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ that offer your more excuses than results?

Then stop the stress and frustration and contact Trakblaze who will take the time to discuss your work environment, then tailor a proven static or weigh-in-motion scale or balancing solution that is accurate;
and actually works!

In 2001, Trakblaze was the first company in the World to achieve certified High Speed Weighing up to 85kmh!

Today our valued clients enjoy the benefits of  increased profits & productivity using our proven and reliable high speed
weigh-in motion rail weighbridge scales, train balancing systems, mobile train scales, portable mining truck
scales, transport scales & aircraft scales.

Our 87 years of experience is your QUALITY GUARANTEE

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To whom it may concern,

Trakblaze Global installed an Infinity In-Motion Rail Weighing system within our TLO (Train Loading Operation) at our German Creek Mine site, QLD, Australia. The equipment has been installed since December 2014 and has allowed us to manage our wagon loading more efficiently.

The equipment has been a good investment and we are happy with Trakblaze and their commitment to responsive and reliable services.

Anthony M., Control System Coordinator

This is to certify that the Mobile Train Weigher (MTW) of Trakblaze make rented thru’ M/S IPA Weighing and Automation against the Purchase Order No. 6600005964 dated 19.03.2016 has been tested at our railway siding with the test train on 04.05.2016.

an average error of 0.33% was obtained after conducting four trails.

Manager, Vizag General Cargo Berth Pvt. Ltd.

Good afternoon Dean

I would like to thank you and your business, Trakblaze

The scales are easy to use and very reliable

Your training on site was invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend your company for these units and again a big thank you for yourself


Mick Cooper, CF Asia Pacific (World leading railcar repair and maintenance provider)

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your regular ‘after sales service emails’ –

Until now weighbridges (mining Truck weighers) are functioning properly and everything is very good, including Accuracy and Reliability.

We look forward to receiving the next lot of weighers.


Hamza, OCP (The world’s largest phosphate mine based in Morocco)

Hi Robert,

The Trakblaze Force Mining Truck scales did a very good job over last 9 months and we had concluded the first phase and we are about to embark on the next phase. (Temperature ranges in Mongolia are up to 45 minus and 45 plus in Summer)

Noel (Electrical Supervisor), Rio Tinto Mongolia

Hi To All

After Tare weighing a six axle vehicle at the public bridge once with a weight of 20340 and Trakblaze the same truck 5 times total 20580 we have a variation of 1.2% .

We are happy with this and it is within the tolerance.

We also tare weighed the same truck this morning with extra fuel and came within tolerance ie 130kg total weight.

This was encouraging.

Roland Haggett, Australia's largest rail freight operator


With regards to the Trakblaze LTS-4 I DWT-11 weigher that you installed for us two years ago, the performance of this unit over this period has proven it to be very reliable and basically maintenance free unit.

This unit is far superior compared to the previous unit in the areas of reliability of accurate weight measurement and ease of calibration of which has only been adjusted twice since the installation.

I once again thank you for your service support and ongoing business relationship into the future.


Manager, Integra Coal

Dear Robert,

Hi-Trains Express would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supplying 3 x sets of Trakblaze Truckmate Pads.

The sets have been in operation now since February 2008 in our major depots throughout Australia. We have found the system to be of great benefit to our organisation and have reduced our infringements to zero. The deciding factor for which our company purchased these units was the compact design, ease of use and of course the cost. Compared to the conventional type of weighbridge we were able to purchase all 3 sets of the Truckmate Pads compared to only 1 conventional type. Their compact design is a plus as vehicles can be weighed almost anywhere within the depot.

The only drawback we encountered was the weight being 20kg per plate making it 40 kg for the operator to carry. This was overcome by manufacturing a frame that was forklift friendly to place the unit in and this not only made the unit more mobile friendly but fully self contained.

Once again we take this opportunity to thank you on an excellent product and would recommend them to any organisation.

Dwayne N (Compliance Manager), HI-TRANS EXPRESS


The scales they were a great set up and worked very well!

You and Iris were very professional to deal with, you have a good team there. They are all parcelled up and on transport this afternoon back to you.

Once again thanks for the service.

Wade T. (Operations Manager), Lovton Coal


Too frequently do organisations receive letters of complaint and criticism, well on behalf of Gulf Underground – Cobar, I would like to thank you for the use of your truck weighing scales.

Your prompt service, professional advice and high quality product has ensured that Gulf Underground will continue to work with Trakblaze when the need for scales arises.

Our experienced operators who utilised your scales commented on the ease of use, compact size, quality of the product and value for money. This is information that I wanted to share with you as our operators are highly qualified and have came in contact with a variety of weighing mechanisms throughout their careers. Your scales are the first that I have heard them stipulate the benefits of.

Once again, thank you for the use of the scales and I will be in contact with you when the need for your products arise.


Mick C. Site O.H. & S. Coordinator (Cobar), Coeur Mining (The largest U.S.-based primary silver producer)

To Whom It May Concern:

In September 2009 Crane Association of Western Australia purchased 12 Trakblaze Truckmate 10000kg/20kg portable scales for the use of our members to check weigh our cranes and other regulated equipment.

Over this time the Trakblaze Truckmate scales have proven to be easy to use, reliable and highly accurate in checking axle weights and making changes in real time to evaluate load distribution and centre of gravity.

They have proven to be durable and maintain their accuracy in spite of being regularly transported and used by multiple users.

CAWA endorses and recommends the Trakblaze Truckmate portable weigh scales.

Dean S. (Chairperson), Crane Association of Western Australia
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