portable truck scales



The FORCE™ 1 truck axle weighbridge scale was specifically designed to reduce and utilise yard space whilst specifically addressing the need for high accuracy weighing within the transport industry. It is a compact and slimline axle truck scales, requiring minimal space which can quickly and accurately weigh loads in motion.

At Trakblaze Pty Ltd, we understand that time is critical in the transport industry. Therefore, we have designed the FORCE™1 axle truck scales to allow your fleet to both quickly and accurately measure loads in motion.
This method of weighing will increase your overall production and profit by keeping your transport fleet moving as well as addressing the occupational health and safety, and maintenance costs associated with overloading.
The FORCE™1 is capable of accurately measuring each and every axle load, either statically or in motion at up to an unbeatable 12kph (7.5mph) with the total vehicle weight then calculated and displayed on the PC controller and optional L.E.D display.

  • Can weigh at speeds of up to 12kph (7.5mph)
  • Latest electronic technology
  • Robust compact design
  • Individual Axle & Overall Weight
  • Manned or automated operation
  • Minimal civil works required