Mining Scales

In the mining industry, the accuracy of weight data is a critical aspect and an indication of effective cost control, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue management.

Today there are various payload management solutions designed for mining, spanning from weighbridge truck scales, mine loadout scales through to 3D volumetric load scanning – all designed to optimise payload efficiency within the mining industry.

Considering the current demandto streamline payload efficiencies, both high-level accuracy and reliability have welcomely become a prerequisite and not an option. Advancements in loadcell manufacturing and precision scanning have assisted reputable mining scale manufacturers in encompassing the new technologies and integrating them into their proven mining scales and volumetric scanners, making them highly accurate and dependable.

Mining Weighing Scales for Truck and Rails

As a professional weighing scale manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of scale sizes and weighing ranges, along with all the technical support.Whether static, portable, in-motion, above-ground or pit weighbridge, we have a solution for all weighing needs.We also offer weighbridge o suit your business requirements.

Mining Truck Scales

The Force 2&4 mining truck scale can be configured to weigh any make and model of a mining haul truck, either statically or in motion up to an unbeatable 12kph (7.5mph); site dependant. In addition, Trakblaze also offers a Truck Volumetric Scanner (TVS), which can also integrate with the Force 2&4 weigh in motion scales, forging the ultimate data collection system where volumetric and weigh in motion systems work collaboratively.

Mining Rail Weighbridges

And for mining sites with rail cars/wagons, Trakblaze has the Infinity LS train weighing system for mine loadouts, including loadouts requiring weighing in a curved track! There are certainly not many (if any) train weighing scales that can attest to proven industry results in a curved track as the Infinity LS. This industry-proven load out considering a solution is highly accurate and provides the operator with invaluable – axle, bogie and total car/wagon weight data in real-time.

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Why Mining Industry Needs Weighbridges/Mining Scales?

Scales area valuable tool of the mining industry –having a reliable and accurate weighing system at the mining site is essential to keep all processes in place.

Mining scales, be it truck or rail, can detect and alert you to potential problems so that you can take immediate action helping you keep your costs down and avoid hefty fines or damaged shipments. Some of the significant advantages of having mining scales at your worksite are

  • To ensure the regulatory compliance
  • To get precise weight data of incoming and outgoing materials
  • To avoid overloading and reduce wastage
  • To ensure the worksite safety

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