Volumetric Scanning – Better, More Accurate Data To Improve Truck Performance

Published 17 February '20

Volume scanners (Mining Truck Volumetric Scanner) are becoming the industry standard in sectors relying on shifting bulk material. The civil construction, mining and quarrying industries are all embracing volumetric scanning because of its high accuracy and ability to provide information-rich reports and traceability.

Traditional methods of determining haulage volumes include converting from the weight, counting loader buckets, or simply counting trucks. These methods are often inaccurate and open to dispute. Volumetric Scanner systems, by contrast, scan the load volume of a truck tray through an elevated scan head. As the truck crosses through the area below the scan head, the laser scanners start performing thousands of distance measurements per second to provide an accurate and detailed data analysis about the load volume.

Outlined below are some major benefits to be gained from volumetric scanning technology.

Optimising Truck Loading Using 3D Profiling

Every mining company wants to ensure their truck is optimally loaded at capacity. One of the most significant benefits of using volumetric scanners is the use of 3D volume profiling which provides the opportunity for enhanced load optimisation. This means that truck capacity is fully utilized, while safety and compliance factors, such as overloading or poor load configuration, are also addressed.

The 3D visual profile of volume scanning systems is designed to provide accurate volume measurement of the material loaded each time, which can facilitate loader operators to load to the correct capacity.

Real-Time Scanning And Reporting Of Load Data

The efficient and modern software of Volumetric Scanners is designed to streamline your measuring system and filling process. As the truck passes through the scanned area, the software auto-scans the load and provides near real-time outputs to the industrial data network through a responsive multi-threaded technology, with calculations of critical production parameters in less than 10 seconds.

Using volumetric scanners, you can calculate and communicate real-time data and key metrics for immediate feedback and decision-making when loading each truck.

Highly Accurate Measurement

If you are purchasing, selling, and hauling bulk material on trucks it is essential that you have an accurate measurement system in place – an issue which is one of the greatest challenges for the mining industry.

Volumetric Scanners use an innovative, drive-through, non-contact scanning system that measures volume with complete accuracy every time. An empty truck is scanned and its unique profile is recorded into the load scan database. That way, with any future load the truck’s volume is easily calculated using the difference of the pre-recorded scan profile.

This also ensures there won’t be any weight conversion inaccuracies as a consequence of moisture content, compaction, or loading variation. The system eliminates false load counting caused by inaccurate human error.

Increase In Profit With Reduced Costs

Using load optimising volumetric scanning also provides for real-time reporting and accurate measurement, optimised time performance and reduced human resources costs. The simplicity of the scanning system means it requires minimal maintenance and even unskilled operators can quickly learn to use the technology.

Volumetric scanners are easy to install without the requirement for extensive site works that are often required for a permanent full draft weighbridge installation. For smaller sites with no measurement system in place, the volumetric scanner can be operated as a cost-effective mobile unit.

Volumetric scanners are also ideal for multi-site operation, speeding up the measurement process and ensuring a high level of accuracy along with real-time data showing truck moments and the number of loads being processed in all loading locations

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