Queensland Rail

Published 16 December '14

Trakblaze have installed and commissioned a Solar weighing system on the Mt Isa corridor at a location called Toonpan, approximately 20km west of Townsville.

The initial verification was completed in August 2003. It was recently recertified to initial certification tolerances in June 2005 using reference wagons to 80t and at speeds up to 85km/h. This re-certification was achieved to initial tolerances (class 0.5 Total Train and class 2 Individual wagon) with minimal adjustment and would have passed in-service tolerances without adjustment had they applied.

Throughout the installation and commissioning Trakblaze fulfilled their obligations under the contract and later during the warranty period where QR has required Trakblaze on site beyond the warranty period, for example for the June 2005 certification, they have been responsive and have delivered on what was to be achieved.

I can recommend the Solar weighing product on the basis of demonstrated metrological performance, and Trakblaze on the basis of demonstrated commitment to service.

In September 1997, Trakblaze installed a “Sirius” for Queensland Rail at Curragh Mine, Blackwater, QLD.

This unit was installed as part of a R&D project to assist the coal loadout operator to accurately load wagons to the correct weight.

Up to date the scale has performed as required with no maintenance problems at all.

NOTE: This site was used by the National Standards Commission for the successful pattern approval field test.