Optimizing Logistics With The Accurate Truck Scales

portable truck scales
Published 25 January '21

A truck scale is one of the most popular types of weighbridge. They are made to measure a vehicles weight accurately as they pass over the bridge. These types of modern weighing systems have become a major asset to many industries, as it helps them to overcome the issues of mass management and overloading.

Truck scales have multiple installation options; depending on the type you purchase. They can either be installed in-ground or you can use a portable truck scale, that can be transported as needed to different spots above ground. If your business has a fixed location to weigh your trucks, then you can install an in-ground scale, as long as the location has proper drainage and won’t face problems such as waterlogging, or rust. However, if your business requires trucks to be weighed in a range of different locations, then a portable truck scale is a better option for you.

Apart from measuring a vehicle’s weight accurately, the right truck scale with the right software can save you money by optimising your entire logistics process. Here is how truck scales can help you optimize your logistics:

Reduce Human Error and Real-Time Data
One of the major disadvantages of a traditional weighing system is human error; when collecting data manually, there is always the risk of typical human mistakes, which can cost a lot in the long run. However, with the right truck scale and its advanced software abilities, all of the data is collected automatically, and you can easily keep track of all operations.
They offer real-time data, making it easier to identify inventory and loading status, and take the necessary action immediately if any problems occur.

Improves Logistic Efficiency
Dynamic Truck scales help to make truck weighing a lot easier and quicker. A driver just needs to take the truck over the truck scale, and the weight is automatically recorded. The cost and time of weighing trucks in motion is then hugely reduced. Truck scales speed up the weighing process with accurate measurements and this leads to boosted productivity. As a result, your transport fleet will keep moving more efficiently.

You can also customize the truck scale according to your requirements, which will be even more beneficial to improve the efficiency of your logistic operations.

Installing truck scales requires an up-front investment which might seem costly for some business owners. However, there is a huge return on investment in the long run.

Initially, it will decrease weighing costs by reducing the number of the labour force working in the area. A single operator is enough to handle the entire weighing process of one truck scale, which decreases your spending immediately.

The truck scale’s advanced features will also precisely evaluate the vehicle’s load and instantly alert you if the vehicle is overloaded or underload. It will reduce the chance of human error so your vehicle will never be overloaded, reducing the chance of the vehicle being damaged from this. You will also be wasting less money on vehicle maintenance and repair, plus you will save a lot of money by not having to pay any overloading fines on the highway.

Similarly, when your logistics are optimized your vehicle will never go onto the road underloaded, which means you will be using your fleet to their maximum ability, without worrying about their safety. A good truck scale is an investment that will provide a range of benefits to your business, and in-turn will keep your fleet vehicles and staff safer than ever.