How You Can Avoid Truck Scale Fraud And Save Your Money

Published 12 May '21

Imagine losing money from your business yet having no idea how it happened. Truck scale fraud can be more common than you think. Some business owners will be able to identify the fraud pretty quickly, while others will only be able to identify it after facing a huge loss.
Trucks scales are one of the most important assets to have within industries such as logistics and transportation, where you need to weigh large vehicles frequently. Their accuracy and quick measurement are incomparable to traditional weighing systems, which can cause a lot of errors. However, even modern weighing systems can be manipulated for profit gains.
Truck scales have made weighing both easier and quicker for businesses, but every industry needs to ensure they are actively avoiding truck scale fraud and ensuring their business is protected from it. You could be putting your faith into a scale that delivers the wrong weight readings and losing money.
Here are some ways that you can ensure you aren’t losing money or time, on your truck scales and how Trakblaze’s advanced truck scales can help you to avoid it.

Improper Positioning
Positioning a truck correctly is one of the most crucial aspects of accurate weighing. It’s also one of the most common ways to trick a truck scale. If the operator is not careful enough, the truck driver could easily position the truck as per his requirement.
While using a truck scale, a truck driver can place the truck in a way that ensures the back axles are off the scale or drive forward to keep their front axles off. As a result, the truck scale fails to get an accurate reading.
How can you avoid improper positioning?
The best way to avoid improper positioning is to use a modern truck scale with advanced features and software. Unlike traditional truck scaling, Trakblaze offers an advanced truck scale, the “Force 1 Truck Axle Scale, ” which can measure a truck’s weight in motion. With this truck scale, there is no way a truck driver can manipulate the truck’s position; as the truck passes through the scale, the individual axle load is recorded to calculate the overall weight.

Altering Weight Data
Sometimes, a driver and operator can alter the weighing data, which can cause a significant loss to the business owner. Also, the software can be hacked and altered to give a false reading.
How to handle alterations in weight?
Trakblaze offers advanced, user-friendly software with employee monitoring capabilities. You can easily track what is happening at your weighing stations along with real-time weighting data. Any unusual weighing data can be easily identified, and you can take quick action before it’s too late.
With over 90 years of experience in weighing, Trakblaze is one of Australia’s leading weighbridge companies. If you want truck scales that are easy to use, give an accurate reading and protect you from any human error, Trakblaze is the best option for you. You can even customize your truck scales as per your needs.