HZL India acquire the Force mining scale

Published 6 July '16

The world’s toughest mining scale, the ‘Force’ with its unbeatable dynamic accuracies has been popular within various companies globally as it eliminates the need for a full draft weighbridge. Hindustan Zinc Ltd (HZL) is another global company embracing the Force’s renown user friendly features and robust reliability to weigh their TORO 50, TH 550, MT 6020 and LH 307 dump trucks.

Whilst conventional weighbridges were readily available, HZL decided on the Force not only because they could accurately weigh their fleet of dump trucks in motion (saving time and money) but also HZL was able to track the individual wheel loads on each tyre, thereby ensuring equitable loading to prolong tyre life and reduce the occupational health & safety risks and expensive maintenance costs associated with overloading.

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