Five Reasons Why You Need a Weighbridge for Your Warehousing Company

Published 10 October '21

If we look at the bigger picture, the need for weighbridges is prominent throughout manufacturing and warehouse logistics. The importance of a weighing system cannot be overlooked in warehouse logistics, although often not thought of. If you work within a warehouse, you understand how frequently bulky items have to be moved. To ensure safety and productivity in your line of business, this type of equipment will play a vital role in this highly competitive business scenario.

Recently we have witnessed unprecedented and overwhelming growth in e-commerce, which revolves around warehouse logistics. So, we at Trakblaze look to provide manufacturing and warehouse companies across the world with modern-day industrial technology to help your business grow. Trakblaze is known to manufacture the world’s toughest scales with products ranging from a truck weighing systems, balancing systems, volumetric scanners, and more. Often used within industries such as railway, mining, road, and aviation.

Governing the transport of heavy vehicles and industrial goods daily is not an easy job. The right weighbridge and truck weighing system help weighing to be completed easily, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are several benefits of selecting the right weighing system than you might think.



An in-motion weighbridge is one of the best options a warehouse company has, to save time while transporting goods from one place to another. The dynamic measurement of a loaded vehicle becomes very easy with a weighbridge scale like the Trakblaze Force series of truck weighing scales. Weighing whilst in motion saves time as workers do not have to physically stop every truck and wait for the driver to exit. Additionally, these machines can incorporate Automatic Number Plate Recognition which makes the process of vehicle registration completely automatic.


It Assures Safety

Safety is one of the primary concerns while working in big manufacturing and warehouse companies. Without ensuring the safety of your employees, it is impossible to maintain the continuous flow of work. A weighbridge can guarantee assurance to drivers that the vehicles they are driving are fit to use. To ensure the safety of drivers, it is also necessary to monitor the process of loading vehicles. A weighbridge is a viable means to load vehicles properly.


Governing the transport of heavy vehicles and industrial goods daily is not an easy job.


Helps Avoid Loss

Both overloaded and partially loaded vehicles can incur a loss to your business. While working with tons of loads it can be often almost impossible to check the weight of every product onboard and add these together. With an efficient loading system, the unwanted damage of goods can be prevented. A weighbridge can help owners avoid these financial penalties and run the business smoothly.


Eases Traffic Management System

One of the main concerns in transportation is avoiding congestion. Trakblaze offers truck weighing systems with automated weighbridge scales combined with driver control manuals. The prime example of this is Force 1 Dynamic Axle Weigher. With this system, you can control the traffic of vehicles at the weighbridge.


Enhances Productivity and Enables Spoof-free Data Reporting

The pioneer reason for using technologies in business is to increase productivity and minimise the chances of human error. With a weighbridge, any business can implement the practice of recording error-free weighing data. The weighing process is also carried out in mere seconds by using weighing scales, so this machinery can improve the productivity of your business.

If you are looking for a new weighbridge for your warehousing company, reach out to Trakblaze today to learn more and purchase the right weighbridge.