Rail, Mining, Or Both? Why Our MVS Has Broad Functional Applications Across Both Industries

Published 19 October '21

Volumetric load scanning is still a fairly new technology for the mining and rail industries. Trakblaze pioneered this payload management technology and is now the industry standard for volumetric scanning processes. The question remains, how does it work, and can it be accurate?

Volumetric load scanners can measure load volumes in real-time, whilst also can have the versatility of being mobile and therefore easily locatable to any required location. Initially, the truck is measured before any load is in the truck, then the data is compared with a second scan of the truck after material has been loaded.

The volume of the truck’s load can be calculated easily and efficiently with the help of this data. To distinguish between trucks that use a mobile volumetric scanner, all trucks can be fitted with RFID tags (radio frequency identification). Whenever a truck moves slowly beneath a scanner, the load is automatically recorded and assigned to the corresponding RFID information, enabling fleets of trucks to keep track of payload data easily. In addition for sites with vehicles with Registration numbers and plates, The MVS can be linked to an ANPR system to provide similar data tracking

A Trakblaze MVS (Mobile Volumetric Scanner) combines the value of a volumetric scanner with the mobility provided and, therefore, can be easily relocated to any desired location.

A two-stage lifting boom on the trailer ensures that the optimal height is reached for each vehicle being measured. A complete set of outrigger legs, stability guy ropes, and lockout positions are included in this scanning station to ensure a completely stable scan head.


Trakblaze MVS is the most flexible and portable solution for measuring trucks (up to 150 t) and train (open wagon) volume.


The console comprises two parts; one controls the easy-to-operate electrical controls for the heavy-duty screw actuators, allowing safe and efficient assembly. The other side provides a volumetric scanning station using a touchscreen computer and Trakblaze’s volumetric scanning software.

Upon passing slowly beneath the scan head, all information derived from the recent scan is immediately displayed and recorded in the controller’s memory.

Trakblaze MVS is the most flexible and portable solution for measuring trucks (up to 150 t) and train (open wagon) volume. Our permanent systems can scan trucks up to a maximum weight of over 300 tons.

As a result of volumetric scanning technology, you might wonder whether traditional scale systems are obsolete or at least less necessary. Even as there is no denying the practical and time-tested usefulness of mining scales, which Trakblaze has no intention of eliminating from production, volumetric scanning systems are increasingly becoming a valuable addition to your operations, especially when used in conjunction with scales.

With a volumetric load scanner from Trakblaze, you can expect to gain the following benefits:

  • Load scanners can work reliably in almost any condition, delivering reliable results and superior performance.
  • Real-time production tracking
  • The speed at which a volumetric mining scanner records data allows your operations to be more efficient than ever before.
  • Matching and verification of shovel and haulage assets

As far as user-friendliness is concerned, the volumetric load scanner operating system is simple to operate and includes many convenient features, such as touchscreen operation, cloud data sharing, and compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems.

If you’re considering using volumetric scanning to measure truck or rail vehicles, Trakblaze now offers both truck volumetric scanners (TVS) and rail volumetric scanners (RVS). You can integrate volumetric scanners with weigh-in-motion scales to get a better understanding of your loads. Visit the Trakblaze website to find out more and discover the best weighing and measurement solutions for your business.