How Can You Improve Your Operations, While Keeping Drivers Safe?

Published 10 August '21

Every transport and logistics company has to balance improving their operations while ensuring they are keeping their drivers safe. Safety management is so important, especially during transport and ensuring that your vehicle is safe, is the first step in keeping your staff safe.

The most common reason for an accident in a road or rail vehicle when carrying equipment or cargo is overloading or having unbalanced loads. This is the most common reason because some businesses see overloading, or not balancing their loads as a way to save time or to improve operations by getting more cargo from point A to B. However, this isn’t the case.

Overloading vehicles, or not balancing your load can cause accidents or derailments, which leads to damaged vehicles or damaged rail infrastructure, while also putting your driver at risk of severe injury. Not only this, but overloading will actually cost you more in the long run as accidents cause huge infrastructure damage that requires fixing, and if you are caught overloading you can get slapped with some pretty hefty fines.

The only way to avoid overloading and the best way to avoid any sort of hazard to your drivers and your vehicles is by weighing your vehicles before they hit the road or rail line. Not only is weighing them essential but correctly weighing them is of the utmost importance.

This is why you need to ensure you have purchased the best and most accurate weighbridge on the market. So, where you can buy the best weighbridges in the business? You should head to Trakblaze.

It is important to keep your drivers safe, while also ensuring operations run smoothly. Credit: Unsplash

With over 90 years of experience in the business, they offer both static and in-motion weighing systems for all areas, including rail and road. Both their rail and truck scales include advanced features that mean you will get a precise measurement every time you weigh your vehicle’s load.

This means your vehicles will never be overloaded, reducing the chance of an accident that could cause damage and injury. So how does this also improve your operations?

Having a precise weighbridge will reduce the chance of human error, so your vehicle will never be overloaded, this means you will be spending less money on vehicle maintenance and repair from overloading, plus you won’t risk a fine that could also put some strain on cash flow. At the same time, your logistics will be optimised with the most efficient amount of cargo on your vehicle at all times. You will be using your fleet to the maximum ability, while not compromising the safety of drivers.

If your fleet comprises mainly of trucks, you should be purchasing the FORCE™ 1 truck axle weighbridge scale. This scale is designed to address the need for high accuracy weighing within the transport industry, which is why it is perfect to allow for your fleet to quickly and accurately be measured, before hitting the road.

If you’re after a scale for the rail industry, then look no further than the MTW™ (Mobile Train Weigher). The MTW™ is one of the world’s most convenient, safe and accurate train weighing and balancing solutions. It is adaptable for any track, any location, worldwide.

An amazing truck or rail scale is always a good investment that can optimise your business operations and benefit your business, all while keeping your staff and fleet safe. To search for the perfect product for you, head to Trakblaze to check out their huge range of high-quality scales and weighbridges.