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Mining, Rail, Road & Aircraft Weighing Systems

Welcome to Trakblaze – Mining, Rail and Road Weighing Systems

TRAKBLAZE Products are a combination of Australian and German Design.

Trakblaze Global has over 85 years experience in the weighing industry, and is the World technology leader in Weigh in Motion Train Weighbridges, Mining Haul Truck Scales and portable rail and road scales with factories / offices & agents globally.

Trakblaze has a wide range of train weighing systems & High Speed Weigh in Motion (HSWIM) systems, for dynamic train weighing, static train weighing, portable train weighing. Trakblaze also has technologically advanced off road mining truck scales, truck & transport scales, mining weighbridges / weighing systems and WIM traffic data collection systems.

Our valued customers include mining companies, railway operators, freight companies and rail vehicle maintenance workshops. Trakblaze truck and train weighing systems are based on the latest Loadcell Technology & compared with strain gauge systems, loadcell based systems have proven to be far more Accurate and Reliable with minimal maintenance, installation and repair down time.

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Trakblaze Global is a Train, Road, Mining and Vehicle Weighing Systems company with over 85 years experience in research & development, manufacturing, servicing of train weighbridge, mining truck scales and other vehicle scales globally.

“Static and In-Motion Train, Truck and Vehicle Weighing” is a very specialized field, and Trakblaze is the only company in the world that have the most comprehensive range of Train, Truck and Vehicle scales and weighing equipment including, high speed in motion train weighbridge and portable train scales for all passenger, freight trains, rail workshop and any type of rail or road vehicle.