Exploring the Benefit of the Traffic Management System

Published 7 March '22

Article at a glance:

  • Introducing traffic management system
  • Challenges with traffic management
  • How Trakblaze helps with traffic management

The world traffic management system is evolving at the national and regional level, especially in developed countries like Australia. The busiest roads across Melbourne will soon see a smart traffic management system, using sensors for real-time data analysis, at the helm of the traffic system within the city. It may only be a matter of time until, several urban and suburbs of Australia will implement this new age traffic system.

Traffic jams and congestion cost both time and money and stats reveal it’s in our best interest to have a robust traffic management system in Australia to avoid unnecessary financial loss. Over time, this amounts to billions of Australian dollars.

The traffic management system has only one function to ensure safe and reliable road transport especially when it’s the primary means of travelling within the country. A good traffic system should be able to observe the traffic limit of a city and rotate traffic to avoid congestion. Due to bad traffic management, industries procure unprecedented financial loss which directly affects the economy of the nation. The same problem makes human lives unbearably difficult on busy roads across Australia.

The growing numbers of vehicles, motorbikes and pedestrians make it forever challenging for traffic management bodies to maintain a controlled flow of traffic across common roads. This is why a smart traffic management system can provide a solution-based approach to the current traffic management problems and obstacles across major cities of Australia where the number of vehicles is always growing.

It is important to gather real-time data from a wide area to make necessary mandates regarding traffic management which can be practically implemented to control congestion. This is where the benefits of a traffic management system lie. By using the latest technology and sensors, any traffic governing authority can record live traffic data and regulate the flow of vehicles. These devices should be highly accurate and reliable and must be industry-proven systems to record real-time data of hundreds of vehicles.

Trakblaze‘s OPTIWIM is an optical fibre traffic monitoring system, a first of its kind weigh-in-motion sensor used for accurate traffic data of logistic trucks and carriers. With over 90 years’ of experience in weighing systems and weighing scales, Trakblaze has expanded its services in traffic monitoring solutions. Its monitoring devices like CMU and TMU4 are used to record in-motion traffic data which also includes pedestrians, motorbikes and bicycles.