How Do You Know Which Rail Scale Is Most Applicable To You?

Published 17 October '20

Choosing a rail scale is a decision that needs your utmost consideration. This decision should consider both time and cost, as it is such an essential asset for many businesses. Countless aspects need to be addressed before you select a scale to suit your needs.

Before you start looking for the right scale, proper inspection of the site of installation is important. Ask yourself a few questions – is the site for installation easily accessible? Does the area drain adequately? Does it have soil bearing qualities to protect the rail scale? After analysing the area of installation, you might have an idea of what kind of rail scale you require.

After the evaluation of the site, you will then have to decide what type of scale is most appropriate for your application and what is the fundamental reason for weighing. Rail Scales can be used for weighing a rail car during a loading or unloading process to provide the net weight of materials and establish safe load limits.  Alternatively, scales can be used during manufacture of maintenance periods to establish if a rail vehicle is well balanced and in turn safe to run on the infrastructure.

Rail scales and weighbridges tend to fall in different categories such as pit-type scale, low-profile scales (above ground rail scales), portable scales, and fixed rail scales. Trakblaze has developed unique solutions for all types of rail scales and weighbridges, that can fulfil the specific needs of any customers’ operations.

When you know what to look out for, and what you need when purchasing a railway scale, the buying process becomes a lot easier. To help you a bit, here is a list of some of the best railway scales and weighbridges on the market:

Mobile Train Weigher

This rail scale is one of the most convenient, safe and accurate train weighing systems. The best feature of this rail scale is that it is portable, and you can take the scale to the train. Installation of MTW takes from 15 minutes and is adaptable to any track, any location worldwide. Also, it is factory pre-calibrated, so that means no on site calibration is required


Infinity LS (Low Speed)

Low Speed weighbridge
The low speed rail scale is ideal for industrial, mine load outs, agricultural & concrete plants, power stations, steel mills.

The INFINITY Low-Speed rail scale is an ideal and is a slow speed weigh in motion (up to 15kph) solution for industrial, mine load outs, agricultural & concrete plants, power stations, steel mills and many others. This rail scale provides the operator with axle, bogie and wagon weight data in real-time.


Infinity HS (High Speed)

The INFINITY HS is a high speed in-motion rail weighbridge. Infinity HS is capable of weighing trains at a speed of up to 80km/hr, dependant on the track/site condition and test train/rolling stock. This rail scale is highly accurate and uses reliable load cell technology.



Static Rail Weighbridge & Balance System
The TRAKMATE is ideal for any manufacturing or maintenance depot, due to it’s incredibly high accuracy.

The TRAKMATE Workshop weighing system can be configured to the existing infrastructure of the required location. Its high accuracy and ease of installation makes this the ideal toll for any manufacturing or maintenance depot

All of these rail scales are available from Trakblaze. They specialise in products particularly designed for the rail, road, mining and aviation industries.

Trakblaze was the first company in the world to accurately achieve high-speed in-motion train weighing to 85 km/h. If you also want the best scales and weighbridges for your business, contact Trakblaze.