The Importance Of Accuracy And Efficiency Within Even The Most Challenging Mining Environments

Published 17 July '21

Mining, as an industry, operates within the harshest working environments in the world. Often the mines are exposed to uncontrollable heat and cold, dust, or any range of environmental conditions, out of their control.

So, this means that all machinery on-site must be able to withstand any weather condition. Why? Because no mining environment can risk their machinery causing a lack of efficiency or accuracy and disrupting their workday.

Efficiency and accuracy are the keys to a successful and well-run mining site. You need precision when weighing to prevent overloading and increase the profitability and quality of your operations. The right weighing equipment will provide this precision while minimising the chance of human error impacting operations.

Luckily for mining operations across the world, Trakblaze can provide the highest quality, reliable weighing technology. As a reputable industry leader, they have weighing solutions for every mining site.

Trakblaze has many weighing solutions that have been made to withstand the harsh conditions of a mining site. Below we will explore the uses and benefits of these so that you can find the best option for your work site.


Infinity Low Speed

Low Speed weighbridge

The Trakblaze INFINITY Low-Speed weighbridge is the ideal, slow speed weigh in-motion solution for mine load-outs. It provides the operator with the weight data for the wheels, axles, bogies and wagon within a train in real-time. With its easy to install design, the Infinity Train weighing system, enables the mine operator to regulate the filling and ensure wagons aren’t overloaded. Unlike any other system globally, the Infinity LS train scale can be used on both straight and curved tracks, making it an excellent option for implementation on any mining site. The option will increase weighing accuracy and scale reliability in even the harshest conditions.


Force 2&4

The FORCE™ portable mining weighbridge scale has been specifically designed to endure the world’s most challenging mining environments. It addresses the need for high accuracy truck weighing within the industry and is known as the World’s Toughest Mining Scale. It has been created to optimise accuracy and efficiency of use on-site, either statically or in-motion, and offers an unbeatable and proven weighing speed of up to 12kph (7.5mph). Unlike standard mining truck weighbridges, its modular design enables it to be configured to consider any sort of mining truck, no matter the make or model. You won’t find a better mining truck scale anywhere else on the market.


Volumetric Scanning

volumetric load scanner

Volumetric scanning is an alternative to weighing that has revolutionised how measurements of loads are taken. Volumetric load scanners are effortless and quick to install and often the better option for smaller sites, as they are a cost-effective and mobile unit that doesn’t take up much space. However, they are also ideal for any site that wants to speed up its measurement process while getting real-time, highly accurate data of all loading operations. Volumetric scanners ensure a highly accurate measurement using innovative, drive-through, non-contact scanning lasers. This system also eliminates the chance of any false load counting caused by human error. Volumetric scanning is the new era in mining weighing technology, and it might be precisely what your mining site needs.

Every option Trakblaze offers is a highly accurate weighing system that can withstand the harshest conditions. However, your decision will depend on the individual requirements of each site. So, what does your mining site need?

If you are having trouble deciding, get in touch with the expert at Trakblaze, and they can assist you with choosing the correct weighing option.