Volumetric Scanning Surpassing Expectations

volumetric scanning
Published 3 November '17

The recent release of Trakblaze’s ‘Truck Volumetric Scanner’ or TVS has surpassed all expectations.

The Global Mining Industry is realising the direct benefits of real-time Volumetric Scanning Systems to monitor mine haul trucks in combination with the use of our Force Mining Scales (the Worlds Toughest Mining Scales) to accurately measure loads of bulk loose solids in mining trucks.

The TVS is a non-contact volumetric measurement scanning system with specialised software specifically designed to allow direct acquisition of data from the integrated laser scan head allowing for the real-time monitoring and reporting of payloads.

Mine haul trucks are fitted with RFID tags for which the TVS system reads as the haul truck travels under the integrated laser scan. There is no need to stop, as the TVS system allows for dynamic operation and once the haul truck exits the scan area, the volumetric data is instantly analysed and relayed.

The TVS system ensures you have greater accuracy in payload measurements and increases overall accuracy in payloads whilst improving efficiency and profitability for mine haul operators.

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