The Difference Between Portable and Static Train Weighbridges

Train weighbridge
Published 20 January '20

A train weighbridge is a system used to weigh extremely heavy loads such as locomotives, trains, wagons, bogies, or other rail vehicles mounted on rail tracks. By providing an accurate weight measurement, the system ensures that rail vehicles and wagons are balanced and safe. Similar to truck scales, a rail weighbridge is designed to avoid overloading during the transport of products, prevent damage to rolling stock, and optimise load impact on the track.

Transportation conditions and loads for different industries can vary significantly, so train weighbridges are available in a wide range of specifications and operating mechanisms, customised to suit specific weighing requirements. While portable and static train weighbridges both effectively convert the track into a weighing scale without interrupting operations, they work in different ways:

Portable Train Weighbridges

Portable Weighbridges for Train - MTW™ by Trakblaze
Portable Weighbridges for Train – MTW™ by Trakblaze

This convenient train weighing, and balancing solution can be carried to wherever it is required instead of a train having to travel to a fixed weighing point. The portable train weighbridge (mobile train weigher) can be fully installed by two persons in approximately 15 minutes and can adapt to any track or location without the need for lifting equipment or costly civil works.

Once installed, it is instantly ready for use and provides highly accurate measurements that are stored in its memory. Regardless of the number of wheels, axles, or size, a portable train weighbridge ensures accurate weighing of all wagons and locomotives. Tare, gross weight and axle loadings are automatically stored along with other information that can be instantly printed or downloaded to a PC.

Static Train Weighbridges

Static Weighbridges for Train – Trakmate by Trakblaze

Unlike a portable train weighbridge, a static train weighbridge is installed in a fixed location and used to measure the weight of any motionless rail vehicle.

The static weighing system is the mainstay weighing solution for all rail maintenance workshops and manufacturing companies. By providing the precise weight of individual loads, the system improves overall safety and reduces the possibility of derailments.

Both portable and static train weighbridges are crucial components of all rail operations to protect trains, wagons and the rail infrastructure from damage due to overloading; whilst also ensuring both employee and passenger safety.

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