Sydney Trains weighed & balanced by TRAKMATE

train weighing and balancing
Published 16 August '17

Another respected corporate rail maintenance provider UGL Unipart in Auburn, New South Wales, Australia recently acquired Trakblaze’s Trakmate weighing and balancing system.
UGL Unipart Rail Services Pty Ltd in Auburn, NSW was founded in December 2011 as a joint venture between UGL (Australia) and Unipart Rail (UK). The Joint Venture was formed following the successful bid and tender for the Sydney Trains (RailCorp) Level 3 maintenance contract to provide heavy maintenance and supply chain services to 1,050 passenger cars for Sydney’s metropolitan fleet.
UGL Unipart engaged Trakblaze Pty Ltd to design a new weighing station centered around the existing infrastructure and open pit plan. In brief, UGL Unipart required both Static and Dynamic weighing systems to spot check and weigh individual wheels for balance across 3 passenger car types – Tangara, Ocsar and C-Class.
The Trakblaze ‘Trakmate’ rail workshop weighing and balancing system was chosen and customised to integrate into the existing UGL Unipart rail infrastructure. Part of the customisation required was to enable maintenance operators viewing of static weighing data whilst working underneath trains; so in addition to the advanced industrial Trakmate digital touch screen controller, the Trakmate system was further adapted to incorporate a large 55″ secondary viewing television screen for ease of viewing whilst working in the rail pit.
Wireless connectivity capabilities were also added to the Trakmate system to enable office management to view in real-time maintenance results as they occur.
The installation at UGL Unipart was completed within days, with minimal disruption to its workshop facilities. The speed of delivery and the versatility of the Trakmate system adds reason to why the success of Trakmate continues to be recognised globally as a diverse proven weight and balancing system throughout rail workshops.