Our Customers And Their Experiences With Our Quality Weighing Systems

High Speed Rail Weigh in Motion Weighbridge
Published 7 February '20

Our Customers Talk About The Commercial And Safety Benefits Of The Best Quality Weighing Systems – Australia’s economic performance is driven by resource extraction, manufacturing and goods transport; all travelling vast distances back and forth across the country by road, rail air and sea.

One could almost argue that Australia’s is a transport economy. And the extraction, manufacture and transport of all of these goods and commodities share something in common – they all require the most modern, innovative and effective weighing systems to ensure accurate measurement, to maximise commercial and profit performance and to achieve the very best compliance and safety outcomes.

Trakblaze is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, modern, data driven and user-friendly weighing systems to suit almost any commodity and goods extraction and transport scenario. Our systems are in use around the world and have applications in sectors as diverse mining, forestry, manufacturing, port operations and in transport by road, rail, sea and air.

Every business that relies on commodity and goods production and transport needs a competitive edge, particularly in a country like Australia, where production costs are relatively high and compliance and safety expectations lead the world. The ability to accurately weigh, in order to maximise profits, minimise unnecessary costs and ensure the safety of everyone exposed to the supply chain, is imperative to commercial success and longevity.

At Trakblaze we are committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the best quality weighing systems to provide that competitive edge and contribute to their commercial success. And here’s what some of them have to say.

Take Hi-Trans Express, a family owned, road freight transport company specialising in palletised products and a company that prides itself on providing reliable and cost-effective services that meet and exceed their individual customer’s needs. Hi-Trans Express acquired three sets of Trakblaze portable truck scales based on a combination of the compact design, ease of use and competitive cost. The design has meant that trucks can be weighed almost anywhere in the depot and the cost meant that the company could acquire three for the price of one conventional weighbridge. As an added advantage, the company has reduced its infringements to zero.

As a customer of Trakblaze, Hi-Trans Express has now reduced its infringements to zero, with the help of their new Trakblaze portable truck scales. Credit: Supply Chain Digital

Integra Coal purchased a Trakblaze LTS-4 (Infinity LS) rail weighbridge which it reports has proven to be very reliable and basically maintenance free over a two-year period. Integra Coal considers the unit far superior compared to their previous unit in relation to its reliability for accurate weight measurement and ease of calibration. Integra Coal also commented on the value of the continued service support and business relationship with Trakblaze.

Integra Coal considers their Trakblaze rail weighbridge to be far superior compared to their previous unit, in relation to its reliability for accurate weight measurement and ease of calibration.

In relation to the purchase of mining truck scales, Coeur Mining at Cobar noted that Trakblaze’s prompt service, professional advice and high quality product has ensured the continuity of their business relationship with Trakblaze. Scale operators noted the ease of use, compact size, quality of the product and value for money.

If weighing systems are important to your business, then it’s essential that you partner with a reliable, innovative, modern and reputable manufacturer that is as focused on your business success as you are. Come and talk to Trakblaze today.