Efficiency Gains From Mobile Rail Weighing Systems

train axle weight - MTW - MS by Trakblaze
Published 8 April '21

Like any other form of heavy transport, the ability to deliver safe and compliant rail transport relies on being able to weigh, balance and calibrate train elements; whether it is whole wagons or individual bogies. In addition to safe and reliable transport outcomes, the use of sophisticated weighing solutions can assist in delivering efficiencies, for example by minimising maintenance or fuel costs.

Of course, trains are very large and are restricted to fixed rail infrastructure. Consequently, the processes of weighing, balancing and calibrating aren’t as flexible as for heavy road transport, for example. Traditionally this has been dealt with using fixed location sites, either on track or in maintenance workshops, to deal with the issue.

However, this fixed location solutions don’t necessarily reflect real conditions of loaded rail transport, or variations in rail infrastructure conditions.
The emergence and rapid development of mobile rail weighing solutions provides for significantly greater flexibility to rail freight providers and extends efficiencies beyond just operating cost savings and compliance, to improved efficiencies in the collection and real time analysis of weighbridge data.

Trakblaze’s mobile train weighing (MTW) systems (allows you to take the scale to the train) offer one of the world’s safest, most convenient and accurate train weighing systems which can be transported easily by the operator (it will fit in the boot of a car, utility or even locomotive cabin) and can be set up into any rail gauge at any location to provide accurate weighing or spot-checking with minimum effort and fuss, also ideally suited for rail workshops.

Rail weighbridges deliver considerable benefits, including the identification of overloads, which improves safety and minimises rail infrastructure and rail vehicle maintenance costs, extending the working life of equipment, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance can be managed.

Trakblaze’s mobile train weighing varying model options, deliver all the benefits of fixed location weighbridges with the added advantage of being able to be installed in almost any location, providing real-time and real-life measurements.

The MTW provides both static and in-motion options. Its design incorporates chassis arrangement with an integrated loadcell allowing which provides wheel, axle, bogie and total vehicle weight. One of the key advantages of weighing axle by axle is that there is no restriction on wagon type either.
The wired and wireless options for data connection to the controller allow for significant user efficiency and safety, with either an onsite print out or data transfer to PC facilitating immediate reporting and action.

One of the most significant efficiency advantages of Trakblaze’s MTW mobile train weighing systems is that it takes just two people to install most circumstances, under 15 minutes in four simple steps.

Effective rail weighing systems are essential for ensuring efficient, safe and compliant rail transport operations. With the Trakblaze MTW mobile weighing solutions, efficiencies are amplified by bringing the weighbridge to the train, enabling you to quickly and effectively weigh and spot check a rail vehicle at any location, anytime.