While The World Is Slowing Down, Trakblaze Is Continuing To Grow And Accelerate Globally

Published 24 September '20

For decades, Trakblaze Pty Ltd have had a long-standing business relationship with Chinese companies through OEM component manufacturing.

As one of Australia’s most reliable weighing companies, it is no surprise that in recent years Trakblaze has been one of the only few weighing companies trusted by the Chinese rail industry. By investing time and money into research, development, design and manufacturing Trakblaze have been able to push the boundaries of weighing systems and become a recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of technologically advanced scales.

Trakblaze are now making significant moves to heighten their demand within the Chinese market by launching a dedicated Chinese website, to help expand their reach in the international market and continue to grow. Their comprehensive range of first-class weighing equipment is helping to fill in the gaps within the Chinese industry.

The exhaustive hours Trakblaze have spent refining their weighing products over many years, has now paid off. They are trusted within an international market, to supply quality-built train weighing solutions that ensure accurate weighing and balancing of both metro and high-speed trains, to deliver a smoother, more economical ride that can prevent brake lockups and derailments.

As part of Trakblaze’s continuous focus on providing globally competitive weighing systems and solutions, they commit to delivering the highest possible quality systems. Their new presence in the Chinese market presents the perfect opportunity to expand availability and meet growing demand for their technologically advanced products in an increasingly important market.

Trakblaze is excited to continue growing and accelerate globally during an unprecedented time for many businesses. However, they have been venturing towards this expansion for a long time. Both the Trakblaze MTW and TRAKMATE weighing systems have been proven to outperform many local Chinese train weighing systems. The fact that they have given priority to Australian Made products, as they were far more confident in our technology and quality, is huge praise to our products and Trakblaze as a business.

Our comprehensive range of first-class weighing equipment are helping to fill in the gaps within the Chinese industry, especially our high-speed rail products.

Looking to the future, Trakblaze are wanting to further expand their train weighing technology across the Chinese rail network. Whilst also focusing on introducing the Trakblaze FORCE mining scale which is proudly know as ’World’s Toughest Mining Scale’, with unbeatable speeds and accuracies to service the Chinese mining industries. Their focus will also be on maintaining the current use of their train weighing systems, while also implementing plans to further expand to their wider range of volumetric scanners for rail and mining purposes.

Trakblaze are eager to continue to provide and expand their customer base within the more international markets over the coming months and years. It is a great move for the business, as they continue to push boundaries within the weighing systems industry and are now bringing their expertise into another international market. Nothing seems to be able to stop them, as they continue to grow while the world slows down around them.

The team at Trakblaze are very excited to be expanding their global network once again and look forward to witnessing further growth from the company, within the Chinese market.