Trakblaze’s Truck Scales – A Solution For All Your Weighing Needs

Published 25 August '21

Mining and construction industry operations are among some of the most dynamic in the world. Therefore, the use of industry-specific tools and systems is crucial, as they directly impact the output and profitability of construction projects. While construction and mining sites use multiple systems, measurement and weighing systems like portable weighbridges and truck scales play a crucial role in their operations.

Currently, weighbridges and truck scales play a very important role, as they allow workers to make sure that every single resource on-site is being measured, used and transported appropriately. We are going to discuss how you can utilise truck weighing systems, truck axle scales and other similar weighing needs across industries, and what your operations can gain from them.

By weighing your trucks, and commercial vehicles before they leave your facility, your business will be following the necessary laws by avoiding overloading, avoiding fines as a result, while also maximising your fleet and driver safety. It is possible to customise truck scales for use in extreme environments, as they can be adapted to any type of environment. In addition to being extremely durable, they are also capable of weighing in motion in any configuration. When it comes to optimising operations at your site, installing a weight management system from Trakblaze is the best way to go. Here are some of the best Trakblaze products, for your site:

Trakblaze’s portable weighing solutions are ideal for applications in the recycling and construction industry where relatively short-term vehicle weighing may be required. They are compact, which makes them easy to manoeuvre and can be set up and used almost anywhere.

Trakblaze delivers the highest quality and most accurate truck scales on the market. Credit: Unsplash

The TRUCKMATE truck weigh pads by Trakblaze are the truck weighing systems of tomorrow. Its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use have been proven by the government. In addition to TRUCKMATE’s portability, accuracy, and instant onsite printouts, it will help reduce the risk of overloading and ensure your company complies with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements in the transportation industry.

FORCE TM 1 truck axle scales are designed to minimise and utilise yard space while specifically meeting the needs of the transportation industry for high accuracy weighing. It is a compact and slimline truck axle scale, requiring minimal space, and capable of quickly and accurately weighing loads in motion. In addition to keeping your fleet moving, this method of weighing helps you to avoid accidents and the costs associated with improper loading.

Get in touch with Trakblaze today and speak with an industry expert if you have any questions about portable weighbridges and truck scales as part of your compliance management solution.