The Unique And Exclusive Trakblaze Products

Published 7 February '21

Take the scale to the train with MTW™
Delivering precision across mining, rail and road, Trakblaze’s patented Mobile Train Weighing system (or MTW™) is a one-size-fits-all solution to meet all your civil weighing needs. Its factory calibration and adjustable size means no test trains are necessary nor are the arduous civil works for installation. Subverting the traditional weighing process of bringing the train to a testing station, Trakblaze’s’ MTW™ can fit in the boot of a car, as if they were a set of golf clubs, and can be adapted to any rail network globally. It comes fully equipped with a user-friendly interface that produces the data and weighing results immediately and in turn negates typically long down times between readings. Commonly described as a ‘load-cell’ based weighing system that latches onto the inner rails of the train track, the train’s contents are weighed when the flange rolls up the ramp and the wheels tyre is raised just clear of the rail head. The beauty that belies the MTW™ is its simplicity of use derived from meticulous engineering that passes on the following benefits to industry: No costly civil works required, battery operation, simple function and no track downtime during installation.

Knowing your volumes
Now paving the way as the industry gold standard, the Trakblaze RVS (Rail Volume Scanner) is equipped with cutting edge ‘auto scan’ technology that captures high speed weighing data from an aerial position. The data, comprising the parameters and load volume of each measured carriage or wagon, is reported in real time directly to the operator allowing for immediate analysis and in-turn, increased productivity. Using a Microsoft™ Windows platform, it achieves higher productivity through rapid calculation, transportation of real-time feedback in aid of optimising each future load of every rail car or wagon.

Fine tuning loading operations can drastically increase productivity in the mining sector and when replicated across multiple different projects, it can help pioneer new processes for the whole industry. The TVS software platform enables for fast calculation and transportation of real time feedback and key metrics, to optimise loading of each and every mining dump truck which will improve efficiency tenfold allowing for a single company to take on more projects. Trakblaze’s’ TVS system scans volumetric loads of mining dump trucks that drive slowly below an elevated scan head. When a dump truck crosses the scanned area below the scan head, it falls within the field of view of the laser scanners which perform thousands of distance measurements per second. In addition to this, the TVS software produces a 3D model or surface profile to give a thorough insight into the contents of the dump truck for recording purposes.

The importance of trademarked products from an industry leader.
Trakblaze’s range of trademarked volumetric scanners and mobile train weighers have been engineered to provide cutting-edge technology to help mining and rail industries work safer and smarter. With over 90 years’ experience in all areas of weighing systems technology, they have earned the title of global leaders in the manufacture and supply of innovative weighing scales. Delving past the novelty of exclusive products that can be bandied around by new players, Trakblaze prides themselves as experienced, global leaders of industrial weighing equipment and proud to be accountable for technology that has little to no precedent. The meticulous and rigorous testing standards, years of production and world class engineering allow all businesses and project types within the sector to achieve the highest results with lower costs. Their exclusive and trademarked weighing equipment products are a direct result of a company that places high value on research and development, design and manufacturing to iron out the kinks and come to market with global, leading products.