TRAKMATE™ – Weighing & Balancing Locos, Trains & Wagons Worldwide

weighing and balancing
Published 22 June '18

From Sydney Trains in Auburn to Downers in Newport, across the Pacific Ocean into Indonesia and Guangzhou in China and now the largest locomotive weighing and balancing system in Indiana , USA for our North American Agent – TRAKMATE™ is fast becoming recognised as the most accurate and reliable weighing and balancing system for all types of rail vehicles.

So what sets TRAKMATE™ apart from other weighing and balancing systems?

Since inception back in 1997, TRAKMATE™ has transformed from just a blueprint design. Over the past 10 years, comprehensive research and development has been invested into TRAKMATE™ so that it could be uniquely adapted into any rail type without loss of accuracy to weigh any rail vehicle or locomotive.

“Today TRAKMATE™ is a bullet proof loadcell weighing and balancing platform that boasts high accuracy, reliability and adaptability,” says Dean Morfitt, Operations Manager of Trakblaze Pty Ltd.

Installing a TRAKMATE™ weighing and balancing system can assist in the prevention of brake lockups and wheel flat spots, amongst other rail maintenance issues. This improves overall safety and reduces the possibility of derailments as well as rail vehicle and rail track infrastructure damage.

This system ensures evenly balanced rail vehicles, which then provides smoother mobility and in turn provides better fuel economy.

TRAKMATE™ is capable of being installed with minimal disruption to workshop facilities and the delivery and the versatility of the system adds reason to why the success of TRAKMATE™ continues to be recognised worldwide as a diverse proven weight and balancing system throughout rail workshops.

Of recently, TRAKMATE™ pasted rigorous testing in China before it was eventually entrusted to be commissioned at a Guangzhou Rail Depot to dynamically weigh and balance high speed passenger trains which can travel up to 320km/h! At these speeds, accuracy is paramount to ensure the balance of bogies are within tolerances and TRAKMATE™ has proven to deliver the repeatable accuracies required for the client.