Trakmate Out Weighs & Balances In Singapore…

Published 3 December '19

With over seven million commuters each day, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) network and infrastructure continues to grow and improve to better connect people and places.

For those who have experienced Singapore’s network, you appreciate the excellence in customer service, network efficiency and one of the highest safety standards in the world.

With LTA’s uncompromising safety standards it is only fitting that the innovative TRAKMATE Weighing & Balancing System was chosen for maintaining the high accuracies required when weighing and balancing rail network vehicles during regular service intervals.

Weighing and balancing rail vehicles at service and maintenance intervals increases wheel / tyre life, reduces rail track infrastructure damage, assists in preventing break lockups and wheel flat spots, whilst improving safety and providing smoother mobility – delivering better fuel economy.

Thank you to Hitachi, SMRT and LTA, it has been a great partnership in designing, installing and recently training your technical staff on the TRAKMATE system.