RVS – Revoluntionising Rail Loadouts

train volume scanners
Published 2 December '16

Trakblaze Global are now proud to release a rail industry specific volumetric scanning system that is revolutionising the loadout speed, accuracy and volumetric measurements of each train ore wagon.

The RVS – Realtime Train Volumetric Scanner Software has been developed specifically to allow direct acquisition of data from Hi-Speed 20 lasers over an IP network. Custom developed algorithms built into the software use captured data, to generate volume information and measurement parameters for each train wagon. Thus allowing for improved productivity through full-time monitoring of mission critical data.

The multi-threaded technology within the RVS system calculates the critical production data in less than 10 seconds and displays the information as:
* Front Freeboard (em)
* Rear Freeboard (em)
* Side Freeboard (em)
* Volume per Ore Car (m3)

Put simply – Loadouts become more efficient and payloads are maximised each and every time through realtime scanning.

Contact Trakblaze Global at info@trakblaze.com to find out more.