Cyclists Safety at Intersections

Published 8 March '16

It’s now a fact, over 1.9 million Australians cycle so improving the safety of cyclists must be a priority. Municipalities along with State Governments are trying to convene this through project planning as well as implementing certain safety measures and one being the Trakblaze/TDC ‘HI Trac-CMU system which, ‘alerts vehicle drivers of oncoming bicycle riders travelling roads and entering intersections‘

Trakblaze Global is paving the way through its innovative HI-Trac systems to ensure the safety of cyclists remains paramount. The HI-Trac CMU system is able to differentiate cyclists from vehicles in peak traffic conditions and alert oncoming drivers that a cyclist is approaching that intersection, roundabout etc..

The technologically advanced HI-Trac CMU system has been successfully installed at the Clock Tower intersection in Black Rock, Victoria which operates 24hrs a day alerting drivers of approaching cyclists.

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