Trakblaze Pty Ltd is a Rail, Mining, Road and Aviation weighing and balancing systems company with over 90 years’ experience in research, development, design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of truck scales, weighbridges, mobile train weighers, balancing systems, monitoring systems and volume scanners – Worldwide.
Static and in-motion train, truck, mining and aircraft weighing, and balancing is a very specialised field, and Trakblaze is unique in that we have the most comprehensive range of static, high speed, weigh-in-motion weighing and balancing equipment and experience to service your industry requirements.
With a combined total of over 350 mining scales, train scales and truck weighing systems installed worldwide, Trakblaze has become a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and supply of technologically advanced weighing, balancing and weighbridge systems.
All this is backed up by our strategic network of authorised agents and manufacturing facilities which are positioned throughout the World to ensure that we can assist you from your initial quote through to installation and commissioning.
When dealing with Trakblaze you deal with the confidence knowing, that all of our scales, weighbridges, balancing and monitoring systems involve the latest ‘load cell’ technology which is the only genuinely recognised method of long dterm accurate and reliable weighing and balancing.