Understanding the Cause of Weighbridge Failures and Avoiding Them

Published 17 February '21

Weighbridge failure is a nightmare for any weighbridge operator. When a weighbridge fails it causes a significant loss to any business, and not just from the costs of repair. The consequences of a weighbridge breakdown can include significant downtime, loss of production, delays and possibly a fine, if government regulations weren’t followed.

In order for any sort of industry, whether it be rail or mining, to run smoothly you need all necessary machinery to be running well and be precise, especially when it comes to weighbridges.

Adequate knowledge of what can cause a static, dynamic or in motion weighbridge failure, is crucial to helping your businesses avoid the cost of failure and operate a business efficiently.

Here is what might be causing your weighbridge failure:

Debris or Dust
Weighbridges are very pricey pieces of equipment, or at least they should be if you ensure you get a quality weighbridge. This means that they should be taken care of, in order to keep this precision. However, debris or certain dust chemicals can harm your precision equipment if it isn’t taken care of properly. After all you don’t want it harming the functionality of your weighbridge. Cleaning & servicing your weighbridge correctly is fundamental to avoiding dust and debris impacting its precision.

Misuse of Weighbridge
Are you not using your weighbridge according to its precise instructions? Driving over it too fast, braking on it harshly or speeding off? This can be one of the reasons why your weighbridge could be failing to provide correct results. It could cause damage to the bridge if you use it too aggressively and don’t use it with care.

To avoid this, be sure to use your weighbridge as per its clear instructions for operating and abide by the speed limit.

How to avoid weighbridge failure?
There can be many reasons why a weighbridge failure can occur, and sometimes there isn’t a clear sign as to why it has occurred. However, it is still important to use your weighbridges correctly to avoid failure at all costs. The best way to avoid weighbridge failure is to ensure that you are investing in high-quality equipment.

If you aren’t purchasing quality equipment you are putting yourself at risk for failure and won’t get a good return on investment for your purchase.
A high-quality weighing system is more powerful, accurate, efficient and reliable, which means less downtime, lower maintenance and less running costs. If you think of the long term, your investment will be of great value with a high-quality weighbridge.

Also don’t forget that regular inspection and maintenance of your weighbridge is the best measure a business owner can take to reduce the risk of weighbridge failure. Similar to the way you would service your car or truck etc.
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