Measurement Automation – Never More Critical

Published 14 April '20

In these highly uncertain socio-economic times, with social distancing and isolation the reigning methods for preventing spread of the highly virulent novel coronavirus, automated measurement systems have never been so important.

Australia’s mining industry depends greatly on accurate measurements of weight and volume to allow tracking of materials through the supply chain. Being able to do that remotely, with minimal human interaction and scope for human error is increasingly important, particularly in the current environment where workers are encouraged to remain isolated and distanced.

Accurate data is critical to managing costs and revenues, maintaining efficiencies and achieving stand out regulatory compliance. It is fundamental to maintaining business viability, staying ahead of competitors and leveraging the most out of your supply chain.

There are a range of solutions available for automated weighing and volume measurement for Australian miners. But it is essential that these solutions are physically and technologically robust enough to deal with tough mining conditions with minimal maintenance and replacement requirements, while delivering innovative, reliable data management, inter-operability and transferability, to ensure that accuracy is maintained from the point of extraction to the point of sale.

Australia’s premiere weighing systems manufacturer, Trakblaze, leads the way with the development and implementation of payload management systems for the mining sector. Its solutions are engineered for Australia’s uniquely rugged conditions and are a first choice for mining companies across the nation.

Trakblaze’s Force 2 & 4 truck scale for mines is the world’s toughest. It can be configured to suit any make and model of mining transport truck and can be used in either a static position, or in motion at speeds of up to 12 kilometres per hour, depending on site conditions.

The Force 2 & 4 truck scale can also be integrated with Trakblaze’s Truck Volumetric Scanner (TVS) providing exceptional data and operational systems integration using both weight and volume.

The TVS is a non-contact volumetric scanner used to measure loads of bulk solids without the need for physical human interaction with the load. That means that every load can be measured, rather than just a sample, improving total data collection and also the ability to integrate load and weight measurements for accurate conversions.

The speed of the TVS software platform enables for rapid calculation and communication of real time feedback and key metrics, to optimise loading of each and every mining dump truck. All without the need for physical human interaction. This helps operators and logistics managers to optimise loading operations with added benefits with respect to heavy plant maintenance requirements.

Getting measurement right is critical for mining operations. Automated data collection is becoming equally as critical – removing the likelihood for error leading to costly or dangerous loading problems and mistakes and minimising human interaction. Trakblaze’s integrated, automated mine measurement systems are the perfect solution to maximising mine performance.