Factors To Consider When Selecting A Truck Scale For Mining Applications

Published 6 August '20

When it comes to the weighing of mining trucks, precision matters, even a smallest error can lead to a considerable loss over a long period of time. Accuracy along with reliability, durability and efficiency, are the most critical factors of a mining truck scale.

You may think buying a truck scale is a simple task, but that is not the case. When using scales for mining applications, the right scale makes a huge difference in profitability and also reduces the running costs including maintenance and replacement.

Mining truck scales go through a lot, they are exposed to harsh environments all year long. You need to make sure they will last long enough, as they are a massive investment for any operator.

The process of buying a mining truck scale includes considering numerous factors such as brands, specifications and technologies. Here are some of the factor that you should consider when selecting a truck scale for mining application:


Accuracy is without a doubt a key factor when it comes to mining truck scales, especially when comparing one truck scale with another. This is your investment after all, you should not compromise on any aspect.

Even a small degradation in accuracy should not be tolerable. Accuracy also helps you to abide by any applicable government rules and regulations for truck weights.

The more precise your mining truck scales are, the better the investment.


Truck scales are supposed to be tough and strong, as they need to bear the weight of fully loaded mining trucks. Being used multiple times a day for years, without any rest definitely requires a durable truck scale. A durable scale will also save you money, as you will spend less on maintenance and replacement.

The durability of a truck scale will depend on the way it was designed, and the quality of material used in making it. Make sure the truck scale you purchase has steel surface protection, high-strength steel construction and environmental shielding.

Scale Longevity

Evaluate a mining truck scale by the longevity and how well it withstands the truck weight while being exposed to other factors of the environment. Buying a scale that has been tested in real-world conditions, is the best way to ensure you are purchasing the right truck scale. Look for the truck scale manufacturers who test their scales to withstand environmental stress.

Also make sure the load cells of the truck scale are not affected by storms and lightning.

The most crucial and important factor when purchasing a truck scale is the manufacturer. Most people will look for truck scales and buy them without checking if the manufacturer is trustworthy. Knowing the manufacturers and suppliers is equally as important; after all you are representing their brand by purchasing their truck scales.

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